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SoVa Webinar: COVID-19 Relief Funding - Shared screen with gallery view
Linda Green
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Landon Mason
Did I hear correctly that any EIDL, received should reduce the PPP loan amount?
martin short
Yes, it will be factored into the PPP loan. It will be refinanced through the PPP and could determine the loan amount.
Chris Elliott
We are a Non Emergency Medical Transport service, we have gotten our PPP and had a question about UTILITIES... What is covered under UTILITIES for the potential 25%? I see gas, but guessing that is Propane or Natural Gas? Or can that be FUEL for our vehicles that we use to transport these patients?
Chris Elliott
Ok... Thank You...
Rachel Reynolds
Another Question: We are invoiced by our landlord for rent, internet, phone, PRINTING, and POSTAGE as one invoice since use of those are part of our tenant agreement. Can we use that as "Rent and Utilities" Or would we have to break that out.
Dawn DeHart
I strongly recommend that it be itemized in detail to show the breakout.
Rachel Reynolds
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Linda Green
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Chris Elliott
We are having issues with Employee's wanting that $600 extra on unemployment and not wanting to come back to work. We are documenting this, what are our options for these employees? Due to our business, we are at a higher risk. We have talked about letting them go and hire new employee that want to work, will this be held again us for employment or is this a question for VEC? But the bottom line is the PPP